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I'm finished with my maternity leave.
AK Design is back in business.
New Terminology for the Certified Weather Forecaster
(Japanese title: Kisyo-yohoshi no tame no Saishin Tenkiyoho-Yogosyu) is now on sale!
I had the honor to be the cover designer of this is a new edition.
For those who wants to be a certified weather forecaster, those who works in the industry,
And those who are just interested in the topic,
Please take a look:)

Kisyo-yohoshi no tame no Saishin Tenkiyoho-Yogosyu
Author: Takashi Nitta
Tokyodo Publishing Co. 313pages 2,520yen

Thank you for all the generous support in this productive year.
I wish you all a happy and prosperous new year.
Just passed the 32nd DTP Expert Exam.
I take this exam every 2 years and now I have 5 stars.
This will help me in the ever-changing field of Desktop Publishing.
The Weather Story for Parents and Kids(Japanese title: Oyako de Yomitai, Otenki no Hanashi) is now on sale!
It was an honor to be in charged with the binding, layout design, illustration and other artwork.
I would like to gratefully thank Mr. Shimoyama for giving me this wonderful opportunity!
I would also like to thank Ms. Yoko and everyone at Tokyodo Publishing Co.
This is an enjoyable book about weather that you can use in your everyday life. Have a good read!:)

Oyako de Yomitai, Otenki no Hanashi
Norio Shimoyama, Yoko Ota
Tokyodo Publishing Co. 184pages 1,890yen
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